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Here at Preshafruit instead of heat pasteurising our juices, we cold pressure pasteurise them. This cold pressure process squeezes the bad stuff out and leaves the good stuff in, so the juice tastes just like it does when you freshly squeeze it.

How we do it?

Preshafruit juice is made using High Pressure Processing - a cold process that pressurises our juice at an extremely high rate, where food-borne pathogens and other organisms causing spoilage cannot survive, whilst all of the vitamins and goodness is retained. This heat-free pasteurisation process causes minimal changes to the ‘fresh’ characteristics of our juices by eliminating thermal degradation. This is why Preshafruit has a fresher taste and high nutritional content, making it as close to freshly picked fruit as possible - the only way you’ll get a fresher taste is to get a ladder, pick your own fruit off the tree, stuff it in a bottle and drink it that same day.

We just make it easier!

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